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Thoughts by: Dustin Goodyear

February 28, 2017


Groundswell has been experiencing and participating in efforts towards a “Self Service/Specialists Not Required” model of integration for some time now. While providing our clients with solutions for non-technical developers and specialists is a common goal there are often hidden costs to having non-technical users implement and maintain a technical product/solution. It’s important when thinking about the benefits of the self-service model to plan for the many technical aspects that are still needed in these environments. Users without proper training invariably rely on the technical folks in IT to fix issues when they occur. This can be anything from “the visualization doesn’t work” to “I don’t see my data”. Technical problem solving still needs an end to end understanding of data flow and breakpoints all along the way.

As data lakes grow and data velocity continues to increase there remains the need for API integration from disparate systems and sources. Information management services provided by companies like Groundswell are sure to be in even greater demand in the future. Our clients will still need technical expertise to assist those who are less technical, and need strategic and architectural guidance to build the foundation for their self-service solutions.

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(Original article by: David Overos)