Unleashing the value of your data

Organizations are realizing the monetary and strategic value of data. Yet many organizations still struggle with integrating systems, extracting meaningful insights from their data, and developing the necessary skills. We’re changing all that, by supplying our clients with the knowledge and expertise to help make their data a corporate asset.

Experience you can rely on

Fifteen years of complex integration and Business Intelligence projects under our belt, means that when it comes to Information Management, there’s nothing we can’t do.

Whether you’re at the early stages of planning, or looking for ways to do enterprise integration and analytics better, you can count on Groundswell.

Skills and subject matter expertise

Our teams contain a blend of technical skills, consulting know-how and business acumen engineered to be responsive to your organizational DNA.

We Deliver

Our people are exceptional, our management is made up of subject matter experts, but what sets Groundswell apart in an industry where projects often fail and services underperform, is our rock solid delivery.

We deliver price certainty, predictable outcomes, Ultra high definition service reporting and we earn the right to be called “Trusted Advisors” by our customers.


Partner ecosystems connect us to the forefront of technology and the thought leaders and early adopters who help drive it. Being in on the conversation gives us the knowledge and insights to help determine what the newest technology can do for you. While we are agnostic regarding our clients’ technology purchases, we value partnering with the most accomplished and innovative companies in our business.