Implementing Innovative Community Services and a Mobile Election App for a Municipality

Implementing Innovative Community Services and a Mobile Election App for a Municipality

British Columbia municipality of 200,000 residents, with the greatest life expectancy in Canada (84.9 years)!

The Challenge

As the municipality continues to develop at a rapid pace, it is crucial to engage new and existing residents by enabling widespread access to relevant information through mobile channels (including community events, programs and election details). The City required an innovative mobile application to provide:

• A multi-purpose tool for residents to discover what to do, where to go, and what is happening around the city.

• An easy, accessible and modern resource for voters to find out more about elections.

For direction, the city contacted their vendor (TIBCO) for recommendations of firms able to lead the integration and infrastructure on the project. Due to our outstanding relationship with TIBCO Groundswell was referred to lead the implementation.

Solution & Results

Groundswell led the application development and implementation of integration and infrastructure components.

The first application was Real-Time Events and Facilities Mobile Application giving users direct access to an interactive map with a complete listing of all City parks, recreation, heritage and cultural facilities. Users are able to search the address, history, hours of operation inc. GPS coordinates and directions. The application also allows users to access a calendar of all events, programs and services.

Following the successful implementation of the Real-Time Events and Facilities Mobile Application, the City continued with a second phase, Real-Time Election Results Mobile Application. The executive wanted to enable the council and electorate and demonstrate the opportunity to provide more intelligence to its citizenry. This interface is an easy to use, accessible and modern resource for voters to keep informed about the City election, including details about where to vote, qualifications to vote, and advance voting. We have been informed by our client that on election night, participants in the election including the mayor were glued to their mobile devices analyzing election results as they came in.

This innovative app demonstrates the City’s commitment to improving access to key services across all digital platforms while increasing opportunities for citizens to more easily connect. I am very proud and excited (the City) is able to lead the way in this technological development.”

City Mayor