Enabling Business Decision Making for a Major Communications & Media Company

Enabling Business Decision Making for a Major Communications & Media Company

Canadian media and communications company servicing British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

The Challenge

Business owners lacked visibility into how metrics were being created. It was exceptionally time consuming to get information and adding new data was alengthy, resource-taxing process. Overall, this caused the business to ‘go direct’ in generating its own reports and business intelligence.

This situation was impacting decision making and opportunity evaluation and thus eroding competitive advantage.

The client was searching for a solution to:

• Augment data to perform more in-depth analysis at a faster rate.

• Increase business owners’ visibility into the logic underlying metrics and reports.

Solution & Results

Working closely with the client Groundswell was able to identify a method to utilize the client’s existing software and hardware resources to resolve the issue. The root cause was determined to be the ETL design and the improper usage. Groundswell redesigned the ETL based on industry best practices, including implementing a database glossary. This resulted in visibility into the metadata and lineage associated with the technical manifestation of those terms. The metadata and lineage were from source-to- target-to- consumption.

The improvement to the system provides a complete audit trail of data, a process that formerly took analysts weeks to complete using spreadsheets and SQL.

The greatest benefit for our client was in risk mitigation. When a team knows what terms mean and how they are created, definitions can be agreed upon. This in turn creates trust in how metrics are reported and created. This gives the business the confidence to make key business decisions that are based on (by now) trusted information.