Faster Speed to Information for a Power Utility

Major power utility providing retail services throughout the province of Alberta.

The Challenge

Business managers facing lengthy delays in getting reports and a massive backlog of outstanding requests was impacting business decision-making and analysis.

The IT group felt the pain acutely, being inundated with requests though unable to catch up or ‘sharpen the saw’.

This client needed to:

• Improve performance.

• Enable timely access to information and reports.

• Determine how to make this happen.

Solution & Results

Leveraging our relationship with the technology vendor (SAP), Groundswell created a Proof of Concept (PoC) which was the first SAP BusinessObjects upgrade from version 3.4 to version 4.0 in Western Canada.

During the PoC we redesigned and upgraded the client’s SAP BusinessObjects environment and data layer using proven SAP best practices.

The net result was greatly improved speed-to- information and a clearer line between self-service BI options and more complex, IT-produced reports. The report-creation cycle for complex reports decreased significantly from months to days. Our client can now make decisions based on fully integrated, trustworthy data. Thorough documentation, training and guidance ensured the client was self- sufficient by the end of the engagement.