Creating an Integration Competency Centre for a Major Energy Producer

Creating an Integration Competency Centre for a Major Energy Producer

Our 5,000+ employee client is a technical and environmental leader in enhanced oil and natural gas development, active in oil sands projects, with established natural gas and oil production in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

The Challenge

Our client was focused on reducing applications and systems. Adjustments to processes and technologies were essential in refining a smaller set of systems with clearly defined interfaces. The focus on oil sands necessitated following a manufacturing or plant-based, versus conventional E & P, model. This approach required the organization to be agile and to empower knowledge workers with accurate, accessible and timely information.

Additionally, the company lacked guidance and governance around technology, particularity in the domains of Enterprise Integration, ETL, P2P, B2B, and Business Process Management (BPM) integration. Architecture selection tended to be made based on familiarity instead of fit-for- purpose considerations. Furthermore, once a tool was selected, the organization lacked standards and best practices to ensure consistent usage.

Solution and Results

Upon project inception, a Steering Committee was established to ensure governance at a strategic level. The committee was responsible for ensuring all integration projects aligned with business strategy as well as overall IT strategy.

The Architecture and Integration Competency Centre was delivered in 2 phases.

Phase 1

• Identification of standard technologies.

• Establishing guidelines on appropriate integration approaches for a given problem domain.

• Establishing best practices and standards around the use of approved middleware tools.

• Devising an accessible location for integration Inventories.

Phase 2

• Updating integration process documents, including processes for reusable domain and enterprise services.

• Documenting interfaces and processes and establishing stewardship.

Phase 3 & Beyond

Operations are ongoing in support of our client’s business.

Business Benefits

The Competency Center resolved our client’s initial challenges regarding the guidance and governance, delivering additional benefits including:

• Expertise around system integration, elaboration of technical recommendations for solution improvement, and decision records.

• Facilitating communications across multiple teams and stakeholders.

• Guidance on integration development and best practices and adherence to established Integration Reference Architecture and Design Patterns.

• Improved governance for new and existing data integration projects through established governance processes, engagement models, and execution models.

• Established methodologies.

• Accurate master Enterprise Inventory.

• Quarterly evaluation of new technologies.