Delivery Optimization & Cost Reduction for a Major Retailer

Delivery Optimization & Cost Reduction for a Major Retailer

One of Canada’s largest volume retailers of furniture, mattresses, appliances and home electronics, in business for over 40 years, with more than 200 stores and 6 distribution centers across the country.

The Challenge

The client needed to optimize route delivery to residential and commercial customers. In the past, this involved manually calculating distances and routes and creating invoices for every single delivery. This absorbed a colossal amount of man hours across multiple regions in an error-prone, inefficient process.

Solution & Results

Groundswell had worked with this client for several years. We leveraged our understanding of their business processes and our experience in TIBCO and integration services to formulate and deliver a solution. We used TIBCO to build seamless interfaces to synchronize information between the client’s Transportation Management System and their Warehouse Management System, to support the improved business process for delivery route planning.

We designed and implemented a reliable technical TIBCO infrastructure architected to be scalable and flexible. TIBCO Business Works handles the interactions with the Transportation Management system. Route calculations performed by the system are communicated and loaded into the Warehouse Management System for all regions and subsequently loaded into the trucks to deliver items to customers. The benefits for this solution include:

• Reduced data entry.

• More accurate information.

• Fuel savings.

• Increased business agility.

• Increased customer satisfaction via more accurate and timely delivery.