21 de March de 2017

Big Data, a Peek Under the Hood

You Are Invited! Big Data has become a bit of a buzz word, but there is no doubt that the transformation of ‘data’ is giving businesses the cutting edge advantage that often translates to a healthier bottom line. In the coming era of data lakes and pervasive business intelligence, what can executives do now to be ready? Whether you have already begun your data journey, or are only recognizing the demand, this thought-provoking afternoon will educate on the possible potholes and roadblocks of supercharging your data.   Event Summary Big Data, a Peek Under the Hood, a ½ day multi-vendor […]
23 de May de 2016

Tableau and Spotfire – A Tale of Two Visualization Tools (Calgary Schools)

by Patrick Cloutier, May, 2016. Introduction Tableau and Spotfire are both great visualization tools. We will work through creating a set of visualizations combined into one dashboard using both these tools. This will showcase the similarities between both products, but it should be noted that the deeper you dive into the products (the more specific demands you have of the product) the more the differences will be apparent. We will work with data from opendata and the Fraser Institute to create the dashboards. The idea is to take school data for Calgary and create a simple list showing the types of schools and the quantity […]
16 de December de 2015

Business Process Management Lifecycle

by Jose Herrera, December 16th,  2015. Business Process Management (BPM) can be described as a discipline that implements capabilities to manage complex process workflows, where coordination of the different elements that constitute a business process is required: human resources, documents, databases and internal / external information systems. It generally has high durability, from minutes to months; and high state management requirements, while implementing persistence of the state of each one of its activities.
22 de July de 2014

Competency Centers: Enabling Governance as The First Stage of an Integration Strategy

by Jose Herrera, July 22nd, 2014. As outlined in a previous Groundswell blog post, we identified how organizations continue to adopt technology to accomplish their daily processes; while enabling employees to perform tasks successfully, and effortlessly. We also identified how modern integration technologies allow the seamless addition or decommission