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28 de March de 2017

Three Data Strategy Oversights – Part One

by Ziko Rajabali March 28, 2017 In the face of day-to-day operational concerns, it’s easy to adopt the mantra we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. There is wisdom to this philosophy: given limited resources, activities must be prioritized to attain success. But what do we do if the proverbial bridge doesn’t exist? Data is the raw material of the bridge to cross when we get there click to tweet that When that bridge is a strategic decision, it should be made out of data that spans successes and failures, seasonal changes, political and environmental cycles. This doesn’t undermine […]
21 de March de 2017

Why would IT need an old-time Puppet?

by Carlos Herrera March 21, 2017 In this ever-growing and ever-changing world of IT, one reoccurring question we ask is: How can we keep up with the constant changes in technology,  so we can focus our time where it matters most `for the organization? After spending countless hours troubleshooting in different technologies, operating systems, programming languages, etc. finding those nasty needles in all those haystacks, most often caused by human error, the same question kept coming back to my mind… why are we still depending on manual work when we are so deep into the so-called ‘Digital Era’? One of […]
7 de March de 2017

De-mystifying Recommender Systems

by Patrick Cloutier March 7, 2017. When I first heard about machine learning, I wondered what happened behind the scenes for this to function. In this blog I try to explain what my logic is as we create a custom recommender on relatively straightforward concepts. We will be using Scala, and more specifically using the shell to run our commands. We will be looking at the data gathered from a movie site with user ids, user ratings and movies ids. The idea here will be to create a system that will try to “guess” the rating that someone will give a movie they haven’t seen. The […]
28 de February de 2017

Interesting article from Software AG

Thoughts by: Dustin Goodyear February 28, 2017   Groundswell has been experiencing and participating in efforts towards a “Self Service/Specialists Not Required” model of integration for some time now. While providing our clients with solutions for non-technical developers and specialists is a common goal there are often hidden costs to having non-technical users implement and maintain a technical product/solution. It’s important when thinking about the benefits of the self-service model to plan for the many technical aspects that are still needed in these environments. Users without proper training invariably rely on the technical folks in IT to fix issues when […]
21 de February de 2017

Informatica PC 9.5.1: Repository Performance Pt.2

by Wade Lockhart February 21, 2017 Introduction In pt.1 of this blog I discussed an example of how to measure low performance using SQL queries both through Informatica and run manually against the repository database. In pt.2 I will be going over a few hints for improving repository performance along with their source. Disclaimer You should not try any of these hints without first consulting Informatica Support. You might also wish to take a full repository backup as well as a backup of the server environment before you begin the cleanup. Running some of these commands against a repository with […]