13 de June de 2017

Running Docker Container

by Chandrakant Rai June 20, 2017 In this blog series we are going to explore how to run Docker containers on different container orchestration service like Kubernetes, Docker Swarm etc. We will also explore the container service by different cloud providers like AWS ECS, Azure Container Service, and Google Container Engine. This article does not give any best practice to run Docker Swarm or Kubernetes in Production environments, it is just a simple orchestration setup for our internal DevOps practice. Initially we will explore setting up a simple NGINX container and orchestrate it using Docker swarm mode. Pre-requisite: A minimum […]
6 de June de 2017

IT Knowledge Management, The Key to Effective IT Support Operations

by Mohamed Aly June 6, 2017 Today’s business solutions have become increasingly powered by sophisticated IT services, in a way that makes it impossible to think that there can be any IT operation failure, big or small, that cannot dent the business bottom-line. The successful delivery of IT operations services relies on the availability of quick, reliable and ready-to-consume information enabling the IT service provider to take the right actions. These actions often need to be based on the intimate knowledge of the technology, environment, processes, and business context of the IT solutions supported. A typical enterprise IT operations support […]