29 de July de 2014

Competency Centres: The Important Subsequent Implementation Phases

by Jose Herrera, July 29th, 2014. For the second installment of this month’s blog series on Competency Centres, Enabling Governance as the First Stage of an Integration Strategy, we’d like to touch on further key components of Competency Centres and what makes them successful in implementation. As a preface for this post, it may
22 de July de 2014

Competency Centers: Enabling Governance as The First Stage of an Integration Strategy

by Jose Herrera, July 22nd, 2014. As outlined in a previous Groundswell blog post, we identified how organizations continue to adopt technology to accomplish their daily processes; while enabling employees to perform tasks successfully, and effortlessly. We also identified how modern integration technologies allow the seamless addition or decommission