21 de October de 2016

SLA’s and Small Numbers

by Colin Hart October 21, 2016.   Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) are an important part of the vendor/client relationship. Most often they’re an agreement that outlines specific metrics that a vendor must achieve in order to be deemed to have provided acceptable service. Failing to meet the SLA can have a variety of implications – anything from a ‘red flag’ to penalties or even, if chronic and extreme, cancellation of the contract.   Recently we were negotiating SLA’s with a new client. We proposed some levels that were both attainable, so Groundswell could avoid penalties, but also high enough that […]
13 de June de 2016

Twitter Sentiment Analysis

By Dayne Sorvisto June 13th, 2016. Over a century ago there was a gold rush in the Klondike. People were excited about the prospect of traveling North and finding treasure troves of gold hidden in rivers and streams in the mountains that could be panned out (called placer mining). This is actually a simple mining process and the simplest to extract gold from raw sediment in water. Fast forward to 2016 and there’s a new kind of gold out there, buried deep inside mountains of unstructured raw data that can be combined with your organization’s internal data to understand customer […]
23 de May de 2016

Tableau and Spotfire – A Tale of Two Visualization Tools (Calgary Schools)

by Patrick Cloutier, May, 2016. Introduction Tableau and Spotfire are both great visualization tools. We will work through creating a set of visualizations combined into one dashboard using both these tools. This will showcase the similarities between both products, but it should be noted that the deeper you dive into the products (the more specific demands you have of the product) the more the differences will be apparent. We will work with data from opendata and the Fraser Institute to create the dashboards. The idea is to take school data for Calgary and create a simple list showing the types of schools and the quantity […]
21 de May de 2016

The Data-Driven Enterprise. A Day of Insights and Ideas with Companies Leading the ‘Data Revolution’.

9 de May de 2016

Managed Services for a Leading Energy Producer

Leader in enhanced oil and natural gas development in western Canada active in oil sands projects in Northern Alberta with established conventional production in Alberta and Saskatchewan. With a 5,000-plus employee base, this organization focuses on developing top-quality oil resources, strong project execution, progressive environmental performance, expansion of markets and sustained financial strength.
9 de May de 2016

Delivery Optimization & Cost Reduction for a Major Retailer

One of Canada’s largest volume retailers of furniture, mattresses, appliances and home electronics, in business for over 40 years, with more than 200 stores and 6 distribution centers across the country.
9 de May de 2016

Creating an Integration Competency Centre for a Major Energy Producer

Our 5,000+ employee client is a technical and environmental leader in enhanced oil and natural gas development, active in oil sands projects, with established natural gas and oil production in Alberta and Saskatchewan.
9 de May de 2016

Faster Speed to Information for a Power Utility

Major power utility providing retail services throughout the province of Alberta.
9 de May de 2016

Enabling Business Decision Making for a Major Communications & Media Company

Canadian media and communications company servicing British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.
9 de May de 2016

Service Delivery for a National Retailer: Co- Sourced Integration

One of the largest retailers in Canada, with over 1,000 outlets and 19,000 employees.